Hidden Gems is a Venture Capital Company that focused on being a blockchain advisory and investment firm on the blockchain space

About us

With the best research team supported by all elements in the company, we have the ambition to create an investment ecosystem for Cryptocurrency start-up projects that can provide the best benefits for all parties. Hidden Gems Capital was founded by a group of people who share the same goal of creating a growing and sustainable investment climate to support the success of a project, especially in the field of blockchain technology. In addition to investing, we also create a discussion and education space for a wider network so that everyone can understand cryptocurrency more easily

As a company that founded by competent people, we always prioritize the principles of prudence, transparency, and benefit for all parties. In this case, we promise to continue to support all start-up projects that have a bright future that is able to answer all human needs. In addition, we will continue to expand to establish business partners in an effort to reach more communities and projects that are in line with our vision. We are very happy to be able to help and provide full support to you, because that is what we have been doing from the beginning until the future.

Key Services


We are looking for blockchain based project founders who have the potential to collaborate in terms of fundraising and attract various investors for sustainable project


Our professionals are always willing to help investors in selecting and determining potential projects that can later become an option in their investment portfolio.


After conducting the AMA, we will help bring together the two parties, namely the project founder and potential investors, to connect with each other so as to create mutually beneficial cooperation.

Digital Marketing

We offer to be a media partner in promoting the project into our community so that it is hoped that in the future it will help the success and sustainability of support for the project.


For understanding regarding project partners who partner with Hidden Gems. We offer free AMA venues at our premises so that it is hoped that it will be a place for investors to make their investment choices

Our Teams

Angga Bintang

Chief Executive Officer

Ibnu Fatah

Chief Executive Officer

Faiq Bahaudin

Chief Financial Officer



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